12. syyskuuta 2017

FF30: Sarah's Lute

Emmi and me wanted to celebrate 30th anniversary of Final Fantasy series. We will be writing fan fiction from all the main games during this fall.

The first one is from Final Fantasy and it is written by Emmi.

Sarah's Lute

During my captivity, I never feared Garland. Although he had changed, he treated me with respect and provided me with enough food and water. Sometimes he even brought me books so I wouldn’t feel lonely.

Every evening, he asked me to play my lute. He would sit on his throne deep in thought, listening to the music echoing off the temple walls, and for a moment I would see in his eyes a glimpse of the knight that once served my father.

I had always thought of him as the most loyal knight of Cornelia, and I still don’t know what turned him against my father and made him demand the kingdom for himself. I had hoped that my melody would bring him back, but when the music stopped, even the smallest memory of old Garland faded away.

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